ALIKI YOGA SCHOOL offers 1 week intensive yoga courses during summer (May 1 - November 1) and on request if you bring your own group. Weekly open/drop in classes of 1,5 hr all year long. Teacher and owner Oona Giesen is recognised by the IYF (International Yoga Federation) and the Dutch society of yoga teachers VYN (Vereninging Yogadocenten Nederland). She started with Iyengar Yoga almost 40 years ago, around 1973, when she was eight years old. She was trained by Agnes Hillen, Margriet Post, Victor van Kooten and, most of all, her mother Jeanne Buntinx, who were all trained personally by mr B.K.S. Iyengar. Oona started teaching Iyengar based Hatha Yoga about 20 years ago, in her mothers yoga school in Amsterdam/The Netherlands, and in her own yoga school on the island Paros in Greece. Although she has a slightly softer approach, you can feel the influences of B.K.S. Iyengar in her classes. Her classes are down to earth, no chanting, but a lot of physical exercises (asanas) and breathing (pranayama) and meditiation. She became expert by experience in managing backpain with yoga since she broke her spine in a car accident in 1998 and since then recovered herself extremely well with her yoga.  

Website: www.yoga-paros.com E-mail: oona@yoga-paros.com

Oona Giesen's Yoga Story by The Global Yogini

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